Spotlight On CCG Members

Spotlight On CCG Members

May, 11 2015

Lee Mac is a bright enthusiastic young man who is the UCLAN students Union President for the remainder of the academic year.

Lee’s aim is to make a student’s life’s better so he serves to help and enhance the life of a young person who may have a lot to juggle throughout their already chaotic life. Be it studying, chores at home and possibly a part time job too.

Lee meets University directorate and works on policy to make it more accurate. His previous position found him represent the views of a hefty 30,000 students at a national level. He is also not reserved about his involvements in student demos, creating change and dealing with cuts to DSA.

Mr. Mac is easy to spot if your out and about across the University campus. Just look for the cheeky grin and shiny head, and he’ll be happy to help you out with any crisis or concern you may have. He’s not shy about social media too, in fact you’ll no doubt find him on Twitter or Facebook so friend him and he’ll help you to the best of his ability. 

Go to the members page of the CCG website and you'll find the direct link to Lee's page.