Gabriella Zavoli

Gabriella Zavoli

Location: Birmingham | UK

Gabriella Zavoli, BASW Heritage Project Coordinator. With 20 years’ experience in an arts, community engagement and heritage setting working for museums, historic houses, charities and not for profit organisations.

Project Coordinator and Project Manager for large scale bid funded projects. I have a passion for participation and learning and believe the key to this is experiential engagement through interactive learning and resource development. Working with young people and community groups in museums and historic houses to bring people together, working with external and internal stakeholders and experts by experience.

Prior to my current role I was the Director of a UK wide music management and promotions company working with musicians producing large scale festivals, tours and shows. I enjoy new and interesting opportunities and enjoy travel and learning about people and places. Part of my expertise is the history of cinema and the episodic nature of film, how life and art intertwine.

I have also previously worked for Soho House Museum in Handsworth, Birmingham the former home of Mathew Boulton, founder of the Lunar Society and Soho Manufactory, Foundry and Mint alongside James Watt. One of my main subjects of knowledge is the early Lunar Society including the society’s pursuits, aims and objectives.

My area of expertise is the beginnings of the industrial revolution in the Midlands and evolution of industry, science, medicine, art and philanthropy.

Currently working on a number of arts and community based ventures and initiatives. The wealth of life for me is about experimenting with new art forms and creating opportunities through this.

I speak a number of languages, culture and heritage and the celebration of this are so important and I believe strongly in equality, communication and accessibility for all, this is a subject close to my heart and key components in everything I do