Katrice Horsley

Katrice Horsley

Location: Sweden | Sweden

Katrice is an international narrative consultant and performance storyteller who went from being a speech-impaired selective mute to becoming the National Storytelling Laureate of the United Kingdom.

As such she understands what it is to be voiceless.

She aims to enable people, organisations and communities to understand that they have a voice worth hearing and a story worth telling   

She set up her organisation Narrative4Change as a way of highlighting and sharing how narrative-based training can be used as a powerful tool in Community Development, Organisational Change, Presentation Skills, Education and Personal Development.

She has delivered and developed training for a wide range of organisations from schools in the UK and Sweden to female craft-workers in Indonesia as well as often being used as an inspirational and motivational speaker at a wide range of conferences.

She also works with business organisations in helping them create strong strategic narratives and powerful brand identities. 

Her publications include:

The Evaluator's Cookbook (Routledge)

The Small Creature (aa award winning bereavement resource for the British Heart Foundation)

Storytelling Conflict and Diversity Community Development Journal OUP.

Twitter - @katricehorsley

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