Jonathan Moss

Jonathan Moss

Location: Preston | UK

Hi, I’m Jonathan. Entrepreneur, facilitator, dyslexic and artist!!

With over 20 years in education as a senior lecturer and manager, specialising in Fine Art and Design, Jonathan has always helped people achieve their academic goals and build successful careers. 

Jonathan has a huge interest in how ideas are formed, especially how teams work together to develop ideas to innovate.  This interest has driven Jonathan to reach out to experts in creativity across Europe and America to find out ‘best practice an approaches’ that have been developed by experts in this amazing field. This research has been the basis behind Jonathan leaving education and starting an ‘Idea Consultancy’ that designs and facilitates creative problem solving workshops for business and organisations.

Coaching has also been a big influence in Jonathan’s life and he has coached many individuals over a number of years.   One thing that has troubled him greatly while working closely with people has been their ability to underestimate what they are capable of achieving and he has worked hard to help them change these perceptions.

As a practicing Artist, Jonathan has shown work across Europe in Switzerland, Germany and Serbia as well as America and the UK.  Having studied Visual Culture at Salford and then gaining his MA. Fine Art studio practice from the University of Central Lancashire, Jonathan continues to use his work to develop approaches to creative thinking and problem solving.

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