Dr Ingemar Pongratz

Dr Ingemar Pongratz

Location: Älta | Sweden

Ingemar Pongratz is a researcher with experience in molecular biology, molecular toxicology and nutrition. Ingemar Pongratz defended his Ph D at the Karolinska Institute. His thesis work was focused on characterization of the molecular mechanisms behind the health damaging effect of environmental pollutants such as dioxins.

Ingemar Pongratz career included participation in EU funded projects and participating in the European Research arena. Through his participation in EU funded research activities Ingemar Pongratz developed both a large network of european contacts and in addtition he developed a keen interest in communication of European project and of European funded research. For example Ingemar Pongratz participated with WWF in the DETOX campaign, A Pan-European campaign to highlight the risks which are attached to the presence of chemical contaminants in food. Ingemar Pongratz was also one of the founders of CommNet. CommNet was a network of EU project communicators who organized training to support Science Communicators and also organized events to raise community awareness on different research topics. One example was for example the TAPAS day,which was organized by CommNet during ESOF (European Science Open Forum) to highlight the interplay between food, nutrition and chemicals among the public.

Ingemar Pongratz has also collaborated with NGO such as Chem Trust and other organizations.

In 2012, Ingemar Pongratz established his company Fenix Scientifc AB. Fenix Scientific aim to run commercial research and to bring some of the research outcomes of Ingemars research to the community. In addition, Fenix Scientific AB includes a consultancy service (Pongratz Consulting) which supports comapnies and organization who wish to participate in European Funded activities and / or wish to apply for European projects.

In 2014 Fenix Scientific AB was selected to join the Swedish Incubator ALMI and the ALMI programme B.I.G. (Business Incubator for Growth) was on the large potential of Fenix Scientific AB in the future.

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