Preston City Council

Preston City Council

Location: Preston | UK

Preston City Council is a district council, working alongside Lancashire County Council as part of a two-tier local government system.

What Preston City Coul does

The council spends more than £100million a year providing a range of public services from pest control to planning. It is one of the largest employers in the area with 996 employees.

During an average year, the council:

  • Collects rubbish from approx 60,500 households every week
  • Regularly inspects more than 1,350 food premises in the area
  • Cleans all Preston's streets, collecting 16,000 tonnes of litter each year
  • Recycles and composts 16,000 tonnes of rubbish
  • Maintains more than 550 hectares of parks and open spaces
  • Runs two leisure centres, with almost one million people using the facilities every year
  • Hosts more than 300 shows, events and attractions at the Guild Hall
  • Handles around 80,000 enquiries at the Tourist Information Centre
  • Has a wide collection of artwork and local historical treasures on display at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery