The Southport Air Show 2023

The Southport Air Show 2023

Dates: 09 Sep 2023 - 10 Sep 2023

Location: Southport

In 1986 an American action drama film was released, it was iconic for it’s amazing flight scenes and incredible stunts played by the actor Tom Cruise.

Top Gun was arguably one of the best 80’s films of the decade. It pushed boundaries in the cinematic world and featured a series of film legends making some of their first forays into the acting league.

The North West may not have Tom Cruise but it does feature an annual event which creates a fantastic display above.

Take a look at the highlights of a 2022 event in this short film –

The Southport Air Show is back on the 9th and 10th September 2023.  This exciting weekend will not only include dazzling air flight entertainment but also on ground level – flight simulators, static aircraft, climbing walls and assault courses.

To find out further information and to see when tickets are available simply log on to the following website link –

Last year Top Gun – Maverick crash landed into cinemas, 36 years after the original. It was a box office smash hit and even surpassed the first film both critically and commercially.

It also gave Kenny Loggins (who is now 75) an opportunity to salvage his music career as the similar introduction to the film featured the iconic track ‘Danger Zone’.

Rumours of a third film have been circulating following the surprise hit with the sequel.

Book a flight for September for the Southport Air Show.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Blogger