Jurassic Earth

Jurassic Earth

Dates: 17 Feb 2023 - 17 Feb 2023

Location: Blackburn King George's Hall

This year marks the 30th anniversary since the ground-breaking Jurassic Park was first shown in cinemas across the country. Based on the 1990 book by Michael Crichton, it saw a whole series of dinosaurs brought to life by the wonders of the moving image.

Each film in the series always started off well but as the film progressed the dangers of the dinosaurs always crept in and you could guarantee that the bad guy always got eaten and the heroes saved the day.

This winter there is an event taking place at The Blackburn King George’s Hall that will really get your teeth into. ‘Jurassic Earth’ will showcase a vast collection of dinosaurs in a fun and informative way.

The family show will be staged from Friday 17th February 2023 at 11.30am. It’s been described as ‘the original and BEST live dinosaur show’.

Tickets are available to book from the following website link - https://bwdvenues.com/whats-on/jurassic-earth-2023/

Last year (2022) the final film in the current trilogy ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ was released much to critical acclaim. Rumours have been circulating that this is not the end of the franchise, a new chapter will take place.

In the mean-time you can experience Jurassic Earth for all your little triceratops and diplodocuses.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger