Snake Davis Band

Snake Davis Band

Dates: 25 Mar 2023 - 25 Mar 2023

Location: The Grand Venue - Clitheroe

If you could think of any animal that would best describe a virtuoso musician, what would immediately spring to mind?

A snake. Yes, with it’s smooth, sophisticated approach and it’s ability to connect with other animals, it makes it the perfect jungle creature to wow the world with it’s experience and knowledge.

Snake Davis Band is a collective force of musicians on stage. The frontman, Snake Davis can seriously move with his creative skills on the saxophone.

Check out this 3-minute film of classic sax solos -

Snake Davis Band will be performing a live set on Saturday 25th March 2023 at The Grand venue in Clitheroe.

To book tickets, simply log on to the following website link -

You’ll also be able to read further information about this accomplished musician and the well- known people he has collaborated with.

Experience Snake Davis Band live at The Grand this spring.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger