The British Textile Biennial 2023

The British Textile Biennial 2023

Dates: 29 Sep 2023 - 30 Oct 2023

Location: Various Venues Across Lancashire

Ten years ago the world experienced a monumental event in sport history – the opening ceremony to The London 2012 Summer Olympics.

It featured so many performers and celebrated musicians who contributed to the ceremony. It also paid homage to the cultural significance of the industrial revolution in the modern era.

One of those places where mills were utilized was in the North West of England- predominantly Lancashire.

The British Textile Biennial event showcased a series of textile themes in 2021. It makes it return in 2023 with next year’s focus on the environmental and human cost of the textile industry and exploring possible alternatives.

There will be a full programme launched in Spring 2023.

In the mean-time please feel free to visit the following website link for the latest information and past events -

The 2023 showcase is expected to take place across various venues in Lancashire from Friday 29th September – Sunday 29th October.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger