The Magic of Motown

The Magic of Motown

Dates: 09 Feb 2023 - 09 Feb 2023

Location: Blackburn King Georges Hall

Smooth Radio has been appealing to the Lancashire region for many years. It’s wonderful blend of contemporary and archive chilled songs becomes the perfect soundtrack for the working day.

The station is notable for numerous plays for motown music. You’ll hear various tracks from your favourite artists that made the genre so well known.

No doubt you’ve heard it in your car, on your way to work or travelling to a vacation. I imagine you’ve sung along and felt lifted by the upbeat numbers as they take you back to a time when motown was at the top of the charts.

Next year, you can swap the radio for a live performance with ‘The Magic of Motown’ – arriving at The Blackburn King Georges Hall on Thursday 9th February with a 7.30pm start.

Here is a 1 minute 47 second preview-

To book tickets simply log on to the following website link -

You’ll also be able to read further information about the event including the artists interpreted and the classic tracks you can experience.

The Magic of Motown – More than just a radio listen.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger