Lancaster Wordarium – Monthly Wooly Hats Poems Events 2022

Lancaster Wordarium – Monthly Wooly Hats Poems Events 2022

Dates: 30 Nov 2022 - 30 Nov 2022

Location: The Herbarium – Lancaster

Does the thought of public speaking intimidate you? Perhaps you’ve been asked recently to prepare a speech at a friend’s wedding or maybe you have a presentation in mind at a potential job in the future.

Either way, you have inevitable nerves and mixed feelings about standing in front of a crowd of people and revealing personal aspects about yourself and the person you know.

However, what if you chose to speak voluntarily and it was in a creative environment. The anxiety may be alleviated somewhat knowing you could perform something you felt strongly about.

On Wednesday 30th November you are invited to ‘Lancaster Wordarium – Monthly Wooly Hats Poems Events 2022’.

It will take place from 7.30pm till 9.30pm at The Herbarium – Lancaster. There will be 10 open mic slots available and a headline guest poet.

To book tickets simply log on to the following website link -

Imagine public speaking to an audience of like- minded individuals who appreciate creative talent and are there to be inspired and entertained.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger