The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard

Dates: 14 Nov 2022 - 19 Nov 2022

Location: HOME - Arts Venue - Manchester

When you consider science fiction programmes and films such as Star Trek and Star Wars it is a predominantly white American cast. The leading men and women travel through space and time leaving little opportunity for black or Asian heroes to save the planet.

A new theatre production has been created which is a new take on Chekhov’s classic play. Adapted by Vinay Patel ‘The Cherry Orchard’ sees the main character Captain Ramesh in a role previously led by a white actor.

The play not only pushes racial roles but reaches a series of subjects that we can all relate to.

The Cherry Orchard will be performed at HOME – Arts Venue till Saturday 19th November 2022. For more information and to book tickets simply log on to the following website link -

Patel is an up and coming writer and his writing credits have been made to many established science fiction programmes and theatrical productions.

Experience this exciting adaptation at the state of the art venue HOME in Manchester.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger