Damson Poets

Damson Poets

Dates: 28 Sep 2022 - 28 Sep 2022

Location: The Continental Pub - South Meadow Lane - Preston

There are two types of poet. The first absorbs the world around them and quietly writes poems of deep analytical context.

The second writes to incite an audience with their quick witted stanzas and their slick performance technique.

Once a month Damson Poets entertains the public at The Continental pub on South Meadow Lane – Preston by inviting established poets to read their work to an engaging crowd.

The next evening will be Wednesday September 28th – 7.30pm – 9.30pm. This month is a full open mic event so organisers will start taking names for reading slots from 7 pm on the evening itself. Each slot is a maximum of 5 minutes.

Entrance is free. Please contact Terry at tsqdor@hotmail.com for  further information.

Encourage these performers by clapping and commending their work. It will motivate them to keep writing and entertaining their fans.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger