Listen :Didsbury Good Neighbours Pavilion Artists

Listen :Didsbury Good Neighbours Pavilion Artists

Dates: 01 Aug 2022 - 02 Nov 2022

Location: HOME - Arts Venue - Manchester

The final episode of Australian soap opera Neighbours was shown last week on Channel 5. It featured an ensemble of cast members from the 80’s, 90’s and noughties. In it’s early days many of the cast were young and inexperienced. However, their return has revealed how much they have aged with many reaching their 6th decade.

There is another kind of neighbours taking place at HOME – Arts Venue in Manchester. Instead of exchanging lines and dramatic scenes the ‘Listen :Didsbury Good Neighbours Pavilion Artists focus on creating unique pieces of art.

Lead by mixed-media and performance artist Traë England-Shortt, the Didsbury Good Neighbour Pavillion Artists are a group of people, all aged 60 who gather each week to explore different artistic techniques and skills.

This selection of work has been inspired by Deep Listening whereby the group paid deep attention to listening to a certain piece of music and then transferred that experience through the skills they have developed into the artwork in this exhibition.

The Didsbury Good Neighbours offer support and friendship to people living in the area, and the strength of this can be seen through this excellent exhibition.

Their work will be featured in the Inspire Gallery throughout the months of August – November 2022.

This is when Didsbury Good Neighbours become good friends.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger