Hellfire Preachers : The Bob Dylan Show

Hellfire Preachers : The Bob Dylan Show

Dates: 12 Aug 2022 - 12 Aug 2022

Location: The Continental Pub - South Meadow Lane - Preston

With an artist like Bob Dylan, where do you start interpreting so many great songs? From the early folk driven acoustics, to his bold move to go electric and then in recent times more concept orientated music.

On Friday August 12th 2022 Hellfire Preachers : The Bob Dylan Show are scheduled to perform at The Continental on South Meadow Lane – Preston from 8pm -11pm.

They will deliver their unique spin on Dylan’s greatest hits. If you’ve not been able to see the man himself then this could be the closest thing you’ll get to the real McCoy.

To book tickets simply log on to the following website link - https://theconti.squarespace.com/events-list/the-hellfire-preachers-play-the-music-of-bob-dylan

You’ll also find further information about this unique act.

Dylan is regarded as a modern day poet. He is a gifted storyteller whilst his songs provide something we can all relate to. Hellfire Preachers will do justice to this legendary artist.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger