Mobius Loop - Dance While You Can - Album Launch

Mobius Loop - Dance While You Can - Album Launch

Dates: 04 Apr 2024 - 04 Apr 2024

Location: The Continental pub - South Meadow Lane - Preston

Some bands do it primarily for the money but when you see one band that actually enjoys the live performance experience you can see that their priorities go slightly beyond financial security.

Mobius Loop are a three piece group who deliver spellbinding gigs decorated with songs about the very joy of being alive and they’ll be promoting their new record very soon.

‘Mobius Loop – Dance While You Can’ – Album Launch will be performed in full on Friday April 5th 2024 from 8pm -11pm. To book tickets simply visit the following website link -

Also on the bill are Spiral Scouts.

To find about the latest news, performances and music check out the following page -

As their new album title shows, this is a band that give high energy performance factor at every show. The lyrics to the choral chant of  ‘Dance while you can’ simply says, “we’re all going to die, so dance while you can”. So making the most of your life now and enjoying the time we have we fellow friends and loved ones is a key philosophy that makes Mobius Loop so compelling. They speak to the heart and everyone can relate.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger