Dates: 09 Mar 2024 - 09 Mar 2024

Location: 02 Academy Liverpool - 11-13 - Hotham Street

If you were a teenager in the mid 90’s you would have been caught by the sheer thrill of the Britpop movement. It was like a contemporary version of the swinging sixties. We had chart rivals, shoe-gazers and feel good anthems that really set the tone of the era.

One of those bands to come out of that period were Dodgy, yet they were nothing but. The English rock band were formed in Hounslow and had a series of early hits in their career. But it wasn’t until the 1996 album ‘Free Peace Sweet’ was released that they became immersed in a musical cultural wave and had a string of singles to accompany their most successful album.

Their biggest single was ‘Good Enough’ reaching number four on the UK singles chart. However it was the single that preceded that which was something of a comeback song following their previous album 1994’s ‘Homegrown’ which is 30 years old this autumn.

Take a look at the music video for the hit single ‘In a Room’ which turns 28 years old this summer –

We can be together again on March 9th 2024 as Dodgy will be performing all the hits at the 02 Academy Liverpool – 11-13 Hotham Street –Saturday evening – 7pm. Tickets are available to book from the following website link -

Their last album was 2016’s ‘What are we fighting for’ and frontman Nigel Clark released a solo album in 2020 entitled, ‘Make Believe Love’. Clark also juggles being in band with his other role as a music teacher at the Aspire Academy in Worcester.

They will forever be accredited though with playing an indelible part of the Britpop movement that so many bands from that era would not be playing now if it wasn’t for that high level of interest during that period.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger