Silent Disco

Silent Disco

Dates: 09 Feb 2024 - 09 Feb 2024

Location: Blackburn Cathedral

You often associate church based environments with choral singers and songs of praise. Granted it’s quite an ambient atmosphere and there is no dancing just worship from the attendees.

How about introducing a mass of people into the venue yet still incorporate an element of peace. How does that work? You may ask.

Silent Disco at Blackburn Cathedral is taking place on Friday 9th February 2024 from 8pm – 11pm. Music fans will be given a pair of headphones as they select music from the last three decades as they dance to their hearts content.

To book tickets simply visit the following website link –

You’ll also be able to read further information about the event and what the ticket includes.

This is becoming a new craze amongst music fans and although it may look slightly surreal it has a kind of special quality to it, knowing that every individual is dancing to their own personal music choice and on mass it is quite something.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger