Stereo Press Presents Agbeko

Stereo Press Presents Agbeko

Dates: 21 Oct 2023 - 21 Oct 2023

Location: The Grand Venue - Clitheroe

It’s good that young people are reaching the public domain using music as a force for radical change. Agbeko are a collective band of musicians who challenge modern living with a variety of genres.

They’ve had some positive write-ups and set to perform at a local music venue soon…

Stereo Press Presents Agbeko as they perform a medley of their original material which compels everyone to reach the dancefloor on Saturday 21st October 2023 at Clitheroe’s finest performance art venue – The Grand.

Tickets are available to book from the following website link -

You’ll also be able to read further information about this band who were once touted with the ‘one to watch’ label in 2019.

Now four years later they have matured into their sound and are set for greater things as we move steadily in 2024.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger