In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats

In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats

Dates: 20 Apr 2023 - 15 May 2023

Location: 88 Wood Street - Liverpool

There are many music time -frames that the majority of us wish we could live through again. Perhaps you have fond memories of the swinging sixties or fast forward 30 years and you revelled in the Britpop movement. But what about the dance and rave culture of the late 80’s.

If you were around then and visiting clubs you probably partied hard. Like many, it all seems a blur and a distant memory.

However, what if you could transport yourself back there. What if there was a way to be part of that rave scene once again without all the copious drinking and experience 1989 in 2023.

Taking place from 20th April – 15th May is ‘In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats’ located at 88, Wood Street – Liverpool.

Award winning immersive artist Darren Emerson will take you on a multi-sensory joyride into the past. Grab your friends and go in search of an illegal rave set over one night in Coventry in 1989. The virtual reality experience brings to life the stories of promoters, police officers, and rave-goers, whose rivalries and relationships drove a working -class revolution in music and society.

Tickets are available to book from the following website link -

Rewind your life to a time when the rave music scene was the highlight of the week.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger