STAR - Racism Event March 16th And 24th 2018

STAR - Racism Event March 16th And 24th 2018

Feb, 27 2018

~You may look at a star and just think it’s a fixed luminous point in the night sky. But it is far from that. You have to look beyond it’s yellow colour and see that it represents something truly unique and meaningful to anyone who has been at the hand of a racist attack :-

1. Strength
2. Tenacity
3. Awe-Inspiring
4. Resilience.

This spells the word STAR and there is a  collective group that holds an annual event which sets to tackle and defeat racism through the arts and rousing talks. This is defined in the following four words :-


It has been a Preston blueprint for the past five years now and the following information will reveal the events for this years STAR 2018:-

From Friday 16th March 7-9pm at the 53 Degrees Venue on Fylde Road pupils from Moor Park High School and Brownedge St Mary’s Schools will be singing as a collective choir and specific students will be representing their school by speaking on the subject of racism and how we can unite through love not power.

International STAR Day will take place the following weekend on Saturday March 24th in which community groups and organisations will  come together to celebrate the city’s cultural life with live music and performances.

Lancashire County Council’s cabinet member for children, young people and schools county councillor Susie Charles stresses the importance of the event, what the public will expect and how young people can spread an inspiring message to the hearts of Preston,

“This event will address a sensitive subject by promoting positive messages rather than focusing on negative prejudice. At the concert, the audience will hear a variety of songs which support the fight against racism and emphasise the importance of community cohesion. I’m proud that our young people are playing such a prominent role in various ways at both of the events. It is so important to recognise and support this International Day. Bringing all communities together to promote fairness, justice and equality for all our citizens is definitely to be celebrated.”

This is a free event so no need to book. Free car parking is available in university car parks adjacent to the venue after 6 PM.

Start looking at the way you see a STAR now as more than just a different colour.

Stand Together Against Racism Choir
UCLAN  Venue 53 Preston
Friday 16th March 2018 from 7:00pm --- 9:00pm
International Star Day Saturday March 24th Preston Flag Market.

^Alex Ashworth.