Advent Project 2017

Advent Project 2017

Nov, 22 2017

~As the season of goodwill is almost upon us you’ve probably noticed a wide selection of greeting cards at your local garden centre or nearby shop. If you’re a creative individual you may have thought ‘I could do something similar’. Well, thanks to the team at Creative Lancashire, now you can.

Following consecutive years ‘Advent Project 2017’ is launched to enable those within the creative community including agencies, freelancers, artists and every manner of creative practitioner to produce a special seasonal message  to share with the Creative Lancashire  network through the festive period.

Previous years have seen poster images, films and animations, music and even original games. This year Creative Lancashire hopes to see more artistic designs and innovative ideas when it comes to making your own seasonal message.

Once you’ve produced it, Creative Lancashire will then share it across it’s entire database via web and social media and will connect with other creative practitioners, organisations, major institutions and businesses from other sectors who source and rely on creative services.

If you or your organisation is creatively inclined, simply send your design to along with a short bio or related copy for your design, business or practice. Please also feel free to include or embed links to downloads, films and animations.

A final two points to consider when creating your card, images must be high quality - size: 405 wide x 490 and the deadline is  Monday 4th December so not long at all!

Advent Project 2017

Create your original festive or seasonal message. Creative Lancashire will then select one a day to  share with it’s  entire network throughout the month of December.

^Alex Ashworth.