Alexandra Burke In 'The Bodyguard'

Alexandra Burke In 'The Bodyguard'

Dec, 16 2015

~Last Sunday evening saw another X Factor series reach it’s end. The runners up left disheartened yet the winner ( another female) on the road to pop superstardom and a string of hit singles under their belt. Whether, as time goes by they take a break from the contemporary chart process and explore the world of musicals is entirely their decision, but a wise choice it would be.

The latter happened to 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. She won over  now defunct r ‘n’ b group JLS. An almighty soaring vocal won her the hearts of the nation and became a pop diva with a  Christmas number one, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic ‘ Hallelujah’.

Since winning, she’s had a number of hit singles including the upbeat favourite ‘Bad Boys’. Recently however, she has tried her hand at musicals, much to her credibility and favour.

1992’s ‘The Bodyguard’ is an undisputed classic and made the late, great Whitney Houston a national treasure. Now it has ventured on musical territory and Burke has stepped into Houston’s shoes playing the troubled star Rachel Marron.

There is a humour, melancholy, fun, superb acting and song and dance. I was fortunate to see this excellent production back in April ( 2015). I saw it there at a venue in Newcastle. The good news for the North West though is that it’s appearing at the Manchester Palace Theatre ( check the website for details )

 Trust me you will not be disappointed. You’ll come out singing and dancing to every beat of the songs and tapping your feet and humming a way throughout the duration of the show.

Alexandra has a mighty vocal and this musical reveals how extensive her vocal range really is, quite simply out of this world.! For two - three hours you can experience the same escapism. You’ll be transported into a story of romance, celebrity status and heartache.

This is a show to tell your friends and loved ones, perhaps even take them with you!

A remarkable talent and Burke is still only 26. Quite incredible.