Hairy Biker Receives Honorary Fellow

Hairy Biker Receives Honorary Fellow

Dec, 8 2015

~Think back to the mid-70’s. Some of us were a lot younger then. Some of us weren’t even born. Some of us had flares on and embraced flower power. Some of us even had fashionable beards that 40 years later would take off into a cookery style show with two eccentric presenters.

Dave Myers is one half of the classic TV chef duo ‘The Hairy Bikers’.  In the mid-70s Dave studied art at what was then Preston Polytechnic, which is now UCLAN.

Since his spin on ‘Hairy Bikers’ and his defining work in the community  Dave has finally received an honorary degree and he was awarded the recognition on Monday ( December 7th ) at UCLAN amongst a sea of other graduates, some no doubt much younger than Dave but he somehow managed to fit in amongst the hip and trendy crowd.

Upon receiving such accolade, this is what he had to say,

“It’s a huge honour to receive this award. I remember coming down on the train in the red hot summer of 1976, it was Preston Poly back in those days, but this University set me off on the road to what I’ve achieved and I’m eternally grateful.

“For some reason I didn’t go to my graduation so this is even more special as never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be returning to get a fellowship.”

Commuting from Barrow-in Furness to study back in the 70’s, Myers had these wise words of wisdom to say to anyone considering University and the impact their goals can have on their life,

“If there is one piece of advice I can give, it is that I would always encourage ambition and you should just give it a go.

“Never let people say ‘Are you sure? Maybe you should lower your sights’. You should have a go and chase your dreams because they just might come true.”

Dave is speaking from experience there. Check the UCLAN home page for the next OPEN DAY if your thinking of an academic career. Or visit UCLAN and enquire about courses, there is always someone to help and assist you for you to fulfil your potential.