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Event Date(s): Mon 13/11/2017 - Mon 13/11/2017 (Ends in -430 days)

Location: UCLan Preston

Monday 13 November 4.30pm     At Checkpoint Charlie,  Foster Building

  •  UCLan’s Von Berlin team premiere three brand new films at this year’s festival. Screenings of Neue Ruinen, Warum, Neither East Nor West
  •  Plus a screening of RTS national prize winner Headless. Plus prize giving.

For more info go to https://thegreatnortherncreativefestival.com/



Synopsis for Neue Ruinen

A poetic journey through Berlin’s abandoned spaces on a quest to understand what has been lost through neglect and to discover beauty in the New Ruins. Featuring German Poet Anjali James. Created & Directed by Matt Moody Written & Performed by Anjali James, Danny Scott, Wednesday Walshe, Jessica Smith. Edited by Matt Moody, Wednesday Walshe, Danny Scott.

Synopsis for Warum

A troubled teenager finds solace wandering the streets of Berlin as he searches for the answer that will help him understand why his life has been torn apart. Directed by Heval Agca Created & Written by Kelsey Cromwell Narrated by Richard Waterman Boy – Keiran Maleedy Cinematography & Editing by Heval Agca

Synopsis for Neither East Nor West

The remarkable story of Osman Karlin, a Turkish immigrant who created unity in a divided city by cultivating a garden in no man’s land. Written & Directed by Jess Smith, Danny Scott Edited by Wednesday Walsh, Ethan Jones, Jess Smith. Special Thanks to Matt Moody. Production Manager for Von Berlin Project Olivia Lewis-Brown Photography Terry Scott and Georgina Atkinson

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Plus an Exclusive Screening of Headless: The Ed Shales Story, made by Yusef Thami, Jake Parker, Liberty Shaw and Heather Davenport. After winning the regional prize for Best Comedy student movie, Headless won the RTS National Award at the National Film Theatre in London in July 2017.