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Mr Seamus Mannion
Location :

Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

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Bio :

Seamus Mannion is Director and Founder of Dynamic Education Solutions LTD  and SENDCode and was named in the UK Top 100 Seamus’ of 2018 (yet to be published so please keep it quiet). He is passionate about innovation to ensure positive outcomes for young people with Special Educational Needs and/ or Disabilities (SEND) and also making sure their families are supported. His passion comes from a unique perspective as a lifelong carer, teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator, which has provided deep insight into the challenges for many of the stakeholders involved in SEND.


He advises and consults with stakeholders such as the young people, their families, schools and colleges, independent education providers, Local Authorities, Multi Academy Trusts, apprenticeship providers and private businesses on how to collaborate effectively to improve the life chances for young people with SEND.


Seamus does not just offer the strategic support but is always ready to be operational if that is what it takes to turn things around for young people, which is why he is devoting so much time to SENDCode - a provision for young people with communication difficulties, particularly autism, who are currently, or likely to be ‘out of education’ for whatever reason. This provides a pathway into potential careers in the Digital Economy through the delivery of a unique curriculum that is engaging and relevant but most importantly, it takes place in an environment that is both inclusive and inspiring. One of the core elements of the programme is travel training because so many young people with SEND lack independence to travel (and by default are unable to seek employment) because of factors that are controllable with some forward planning - and a detailed video walkthrough!


Seamus likes to ensure he has positive mental health through his passion for cycling, as a keen mountain biker and qualified British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader and also by volunteering at his local British Cycling Go-Ride club. This allows him to translate his enjoyment of the outdoors and cycling into supporting young people to improve their skills either for pleasure or to progress onto racing both on and off road.

Mr Seamus Mannion