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Mr Chiko Chupa
Location :

United Kingdom

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Bio :

Chiko Chupa: Co-founder of MTO (Meetheowner), assistant consultant/training coordinator at Charis Management Systems and ISO 9001 lead auditor. I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2014 with a degree in International Business.  

Straight out of university a worked as a business development officer for a health care service provider and went on to manager a care home. Even though I had great prospects in the care industry I always had a desire to work with different businesses, to really understand how they work and grow. This desire brought me to Charis where I have had the opportunity to learn (still learning) about business management systems and worked with various businesses in a consulting capacity. I have also gone on to qualify as an ISO 9001 lead auditor and had the pleasure of observing and auditing businesses in various industries.

MTO was birthed from a burning desire to learn how to start and grow businesses. My self and the other co-founders agreed that there was no better way than to learn than to hear from those who have been before us. This would not just be knowledge but a great source of inspiration on our own journey. We did not want to experience this alone therefore we started MTO, to bring the world along with us on this exciting journey. 

Mr Chiko Chupa