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Ingemar Pongratz is a researcher with a background in molecular biology, molecular nutrition and endocrinology with a proven record of acquiring and participating in EU funded projects.

Ingemar Pongratz established Fenix Scientific AB, a company dedicated to perform and commercialize research and in addition Fenix Scientific AB includes a consultancy service where organization who wish to plan and particpate in European projects can get support and gain from the experience that we have in this area. We have experience in EU project planing, administration and communication and we have studied and trained organizations in Horizon 2020 funded projects

In fact, our expertise in EU project Communication awarded Ingemar Pongratz the Communication Star prize in 2011, for best EU project communication and we will make sure that all our expertise and networks support you and your project ideas

We have also expertise in electronic communication such as web-page development and layout, we can secure yourt presence in Social Media and keep the flow of information updated. 

Ingemar Pongratz and Fenix Scientific AB have been selected by the Swedish Incubator ALMI to join their B.I.G. (Business Incubator for Growth) programme, given the high potential of Fenix Scientific AB and of it innovative approach. 

If you have questions and or if you would like to get in touch please visit our homepages:

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