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Dance Syndrome
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United Kingdom

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Since being formed in 2009 with no blueprint, Jen and DanceSyndrome found 14 dancers in 2010, many of whom are still members of the company.   Together they determined the shape of the company.  2011 they piloted workshops and performances, 2012 they consolidated the practice doing slightly fewer workshops and performances but more training and in 2013 people are really starting to take real notice including the press and the BBC!

Each year is quite different to the previous one as the strength of DanceSyndrome grows.  Our unique resource, our dance leaders with learning disabilities, is increasing in number and in demand.  The model is embraced by people of seniority from the worlds of business, micro-enterprise, disability, dance and social care.

All DanceSyndrome dancers strive to act in a professional manner delivering workshops and performances of the highest possible standard having regard to the vulnerabilities of those they work with.   We are all excited by the possibilities and are willing to go the extra mile to overcome the challenges in enabling people with learning disabilities to have dance in their lives and a reason to get up in the morning.


Dance Syndrome