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~Opportunities these days occur very rarely. Perhaps when you were a child it was the chance to visit the Blackpool Illuminations. As you got older it may have been an educational experience at one of the country’s finest Universities. As a mature adult however you may feel like all your opportunities have passed you by and your merely living on a good salary whilst others around you  seem to be immersed in the most coolest lifestyle you can only dream of.

How would you feel about an Artist Opportunity that includes a visit to the cultural epicentre Venice and the chance to work collaboratively on an exhibition and future joint programme between Blackburn and Venice?

Dream no more. Organisers behind ‘Venice Vending Machine 5’ are looking for someone with strong photographic and social media skills and a strong personal artistic practice which would lend itself to this programme. Is adaptive, responsive and self driven.

Here are the four essential things you need to consider if you wish to enrol on this programme, :-

*Commit 20 days to working on the project. 10 in Venice and 10 in Blackburn.

*Represent artists and the artist community in Lancashire whilst in Venice.

 *To create a series of blogs, a report and presentations in Lancashire about the Venice experience

*Be prepared to be part of a long term artist development in Lancashire.

You could be working with artist Marina Moreno  travelling  to Venice in October 2017 to set up the Venice Vending Machine https://www.venicevendingmachine.com/ .

You will meet with curators and artists to explore opportunities to take a group exhibition from Lancashire in 2019. Following the trip you will need to work with The Bureau Centre for the Arts to bring together a group of artists to work towards 2019.

This is unpaid opportunity but your travel, accommodation and expenses will be covered for the Venice trip, as well as basic travel costs in Lancashire.

You need to be available between 12 and 22 October 2017 to travel to Venice.
Expressions of Interest need to be sent to Rebecca.johnson@blackburn.gov.uk by 28th October 2017 .You can either nominate an artist or self-nominate. If self-nominating you will need to provide a referee.

In addition you need to create an artist statement, an explanation as to how you will meet the needs of the project and your absolute confirmation of your availability and ability to travel to the artistic capital, Venice.

If you do have a profound artistic flair then don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

‘Venice Vending Machine 5’ - The Artist Within - Branching Out - 14/10/17- 22/10/17.

^Alex Ashworth.



Venice /Blackburn Artist Experience 14/10/17 - 22/10/17