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Spotlight On CCG Members :- Mr. Suhayl Hafiz

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~~It’s clear that we’re living in a religiously divided country. But could it be that the pedagogy of religious education can go beyond the prejudices and controversy we meet on a daily basis? This month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ has worked hard to improve the practice of faith in the classroom. Let us learn more about Mr. Suhayl Hafiz.

Mr. Hafiz has an impressive resume to write home about. His experience in overcoming cultural and religious sensitivities and taking an active lead in intercultural and interreligious dialogue gave him the essential skills and confidence to become Head of Curriculum at Abrar Academy ( an Independent Islamic Boys school  in Preston).

Suhayl’s current role has found him gaining great joy in developing and facilitating frameworks for his students which has helped them understand and identify multiple perspectives.

He strongly believes and I quote “it is important to seek opportunities to engage with each other on a deeper level of what makes us human, through both our phenomenal commonality and our dazzling religious and cultural differences”.

The following two articles help to identify the positive impact Abrar Academy is having on it’s students:-

Teachers like Suhayl Hafiz are put under the radar when the subject of religion is discussed and analysed by young people. But it’s how these conversations are embedded into their minds and hearts  that affects them when they graduate and develop as adults in the working world. Suhayl continues to work hard to change the concept of faith and worship in the classroom as he concludes with this profound statement :-

“I believe this active and open hearted encounter and dialogue between different cultures and religions for the purpose of affirming universal values is the urgent task before us”.

Mr. Suhayl Hafiz, we warmly welcome you to the CCG.

^Alex Ashworth.