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Spotlight On CCG Members :- December 2019 - Mr. Andrew Greenwood

Spotlight On CCG Members :- December 2019 - Mr. Andrew Greenwood Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~~Having the right attitude when faced with adversity is how many capitalize on a situation and turn a crisis into a crusade. Lancashire based Andrew Greenwood is one such person. Let us learn more about his story in this month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’.

Seven years ago Andrew brought so much life and passion to Dancer’s Health (injury prevention & rehabilitation). It offered guidance in how dancers can enhance their personal wellbeing, physically and mentally. This would give him the skills and knowledge to deal with something he simply didn’t see coming.

Several years down the line, an artistic director of a dance house in the Netherlands was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age 37. Andrew was still working for Dancer’s Health and he was met with disappointment form the artistic director in response to the physical training as a Parkinson’s patient. He then asked Andrew to accompany him into the studio.

From that moment, both of their lives took an extraordinary turn. Their collaborative partnership saw them discovering dance techniques and exploring how dance could enhance the physical and mental state.

Following these sessions, further investigation and study took place. These included:-

• The Dance for PD program (Marc Morris foundation)
• Literature
• Patients themselves
• Other experts from the field of science and dance.

This collaborative analysis led to the inception of The Dance for Health Foundation in 2012. Andrew has been head of education and research over the last three years and in that time over 40 teachers have been taught internationally under his mentorship and classes were established for Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis  in cities in the following three countries:-

1. Netherlands
2. Italy
3. Australia

Andrew is also the creator of Switch2Move. An empowering concept which delivers in sharing his vision where he can thrive to enhance the life of people with chronical physical or mental impairments.

You can see the results yourself by logging on to the following website address:-www.switch2move.com
Andrew Greenwood has given public presentation as an advocator on the subject of creative healthcare interventions in different international  institutions in the four key locations:-

1. European houses of Parliament Brussels
2. Sadler’s Wells London
3. State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg
4. Pushkin Museum Moscow

 Mr.Greenwood speaks candidly about his life-long passion and the inspiring moments that have kept him engaged in his career,

“I thrive on educating, motivating and inspiring people to understand the value and the relationship between the body, movement and life.
Over the years as a professional dancer and international ballet master, I have experienced at first hand the moments of struggle, growth, maturity and glory that come together when one is engaging to dance, be it professionally or pure hobby”.

We warmly welcome Andrew Greenwood to the CCG. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you on board.

^Alex Ashworth