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Hope And Story - Recovery Programme - UCLAN In The City - 2-4pm - 8/5/18

Hope And Story - Recovery Programme - UCLAN In The City - 2-4pm - 8/5/18 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~18 months ago you may have experienced a nervous breakdown due to either work or relationship difficulties. Perhaps you’re a teenager and the stress of fitting in and exam worry is causing a mental health issue. Or maybe you have a problem with the way you look but over the past year your self esteem is increasing and your confidence is improving.

The above circumstances are real and have no doubt happened either to you or someone you know. Yet with support, help and advice and the correct medication you’ve managed to find your feet and are gradually reintroducing yourself to the world.

Thankfully a new project is starting on Tuesday 8th May between 2pm -4pm. ‘Hope and Story’ will take place in St. George’s Shopping Centre, 44 Lune Street. It is part of UCLAN’S In the City and will encompass  a programme which will encourage mental health sufferers to tell their story in an enriching and highly creative way.

Chorley based community company ‘Theatre by Numbers’ will work alongside the project to unlock the storytelling potential of those that have suffered at the hands of severe mental health episode.

Hope and Story will use a variety of artistic methods to develop, create and present the individual stories. Organisers are hoping the stories will have the prospect of sharing them to a more wider public audience in a bid to loose the stigma of mental health and encourage a message of hope and optimism  to those that are enduring a mental health episode demonstrating that recovery is possible.

If you have a story to tell please don’t be afraid to share it, it could change someone’s life.:-

Hope & Story
Tue, May 8, 2pm – 4pm
UCLAN In The City, St George's Shopping Centre, 44 Lune Street

^Alex Ashworth.