Vincent Utchay

Vincent Utchay

Location: Nigeria | Nigeria

Prince Vincent Utchay Lancashire Creative Commonwealth Association Director for Culture and Collaborative working Nigeria

Vincent is the Director of Innovation and Creativity at the Creative Communities Group, UK (CCG_UK) and also the Country Director of CCG Nigeria. Vincent is the chair of the Creative Communities Group Nigeria.

He is a Legal Practitioner and a distinguished leader and administrator.

Vincent is an Assistant to the Managing Solicitor of UTCHAY & UTCHAY, Legal Practitioner and Solicitors, Anyabeledike Chambers.

He has a Master of Law in International Business Law after successfully completing his Law degree (LLB) in 2013 at University of Central Lancashire, UK. Before then he studied at Babcock University, Nigeria and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Law & Diplomacy in 2009. He has a strong professional and academic interest in international law, general civil law practice and in social issues around improvement of social mobility and access to justice both at state level and international level.

Vincent is the founder of OneFocus Consulting Service, a Human Capital Development Firm, a HR agency which connects employers of labour with the right fit candidates and talents for their organisation; and a wide range of HR solutions to different businesses, institutions, individuals, etc.

He is also the Charter President of Rotary Club of Port Harcourt Esara City, an international organisation that unities millions of people to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. Prior now, he was appointed as Director and co-founded the Delphine Initiative Group (DIG) an NGO based in Nigeria that aims at creating opportunities, jobs, to better the lives of Niger Delta Youths as he takes genuine interest in the development of young people, teams and organisations.

Vincent is quite enthusiastic and enjoy most activities especially ones that require him to be active! Vincent is a motivated person who loves challenges which he becomes determined to overcome; he loves research and he looks forward to carrying out his academic research project.

He is a Peace Ambassador from the International Association of World Peace Advocates under the United Nations Peace Volunteers, an author of the book, ‘Strides of Greatness’. He is a member of the Nigerian Society of International Law (NSIL), Nigerian Bar Association and the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM).