Dr Nagina Khan

Dr Nagina Khan

Location: Canada | Canada

Lancashire Creative Commonwealth Association Director for Mental Health and Wellbeing Canada 

Dr Nagina Khan, Ph.D., PGCert, BHSc
Research Scholar at Touro University Nevada, (TUN)  - with research focus on Professionalism in Medical Education Curricula at the College of Osteopathic Medicine (US) 

Dr Nagina is originally from West Yorkshire UK, Nagina started as a registered mental health nurse working in inpatient and community, for the NHS Foundation Trust in Airedale General Hospital. Visually representing ethnic minority groups at the time.

Nagina appeared in the NHS recruitment campaign: Positive Images to encourage others from ethnic and diverse backgrounds to work for the NHS.

Thereafter, Nagina pursued academic work and started as Medical Research Council (MRC) Training Fellow on the PhD Primary Care Research and Development Programme for 3 years full time in the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, The University of Manchester (UK).

Her work was focused on Kleinman's theory of explanatory models, which provide insight into what is most important for the patients in terms of their health, illness, and care. Nagina also completed her postdoctoral training at the School of Primary Care Research, The University of Manchester. Her research focused on exploring service users' perspectives of early intervention services and primary care over time, using a longitudinal qualitative methodology in five geographically diverse sites across England.
Outside of research and academia, Nagina is an Advocacy Member of the Compass Food Bank and Outreach Centre, in Ontario Canada. The Compass helps people from all walks of life who are going through hardship. Encompassing the philosophy, ‘Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow’, the programs are focused on working to foster a caring community and to build relationships that support human dignity.

Her work with the Compass has focused primarily on homelessness as the numbers of those experiencing homelessness in the Mississauga neighbourhood are on the rise.
As a member of the (UK) Association of University Teachers of Psychiatry (AUTP), Nagina is currently working with AUTP on research to impact Social Justice in Medicine. This is an idea that healthcare workers promote fair treatment in healthcare so that disparities are eliminated, leading to decreasing discrimination in health outcomes.

The systematic review in collaboration with AUTP will inform a White Paper report to guide on this complex issue.