Peoples Production Lab Exciting Opportunities For The Arts In General.

Peoples Production Lab Exciting Opportunities For The Arts In General.

Apr, 5 2018

~Preston is a thriving city with great potential to channel it’s artistic and cultural force. These unique set of people make up Preston’s rich diversity of creative individuals who may have already set a permanent  residence for their field of work or may be looking for a place to host their unique talent. Either way, it would be ideal if there was a venue that would proudly utilize local talent.

They Eat Culture is a non-profit arts & cultural production company based in Preston, UK. For some considerable years it has continued to target the following five areas :-

- challenge through artistic & cultural ambition
- be socially engaged and related to the places where they  practice
- articulate & amplify Preston / Lancashire voices
- question what it means to experience life right here, right now
- curate the city as a living magazine

In addition they also strive to:-

Help shape the growth of Lancashire through Arts engagement
Develop audiences through online & in person cultural opportunity
Reactivate disused spaces and places creating cultural centres
Grow partnerships across local/county authorities, education, third / voluntary sector and private enterprise
Activate through networks & provide CPD opportunities
Kickstart & deliver quality arts projects through collaborating with communities and creative’s.

Now in 2018 They Eat Culture are renovating an old Eden Boys School on Guildhall Street into a creative hubbub of artistic innovation and performances, simply called ‘The People’s Production Lab’. The courtyard outside is to host a mini market and more throughout the summer. The project is keen to engage with people who need an assured platform to exhibit their work. 

Creative Director Ruth Heritage has the following to say on what she hopes will bring artistically inclined people together and how you can get involved,

“This is a new direction and new opportunity for They Eat Culture, and helps us open out opportunities for everyone to engage with culture across the city. With the amazing support of Conlon Construction, who have provided the building for 2018, we can really help ensure that Preston creatives can expand and explore their work through this space, and take their work to the next level. We’re on the look out for people who want to host workshops, programme, performance, music, events.”.

Ruth has great optimism for the people in Preston and is keen for voluntary help, sponsorship and creativity. The food and drinks markets mentioned earlier will be a profitable outlet for those in this line of work too. Late night weekenders will be running from now until September which will be comprise of a courtyard of food and drink.

The 100 Days Building People programme begins on 12 April and those wanting to get involved can email

The People’s Production Lab :- a summer of exciting opportunities.

^Alex Ashworth.