Spotlight on CCG Members - Dr. Richard Mottershead - June 2021

Spotlight on CCG Members - Dr. Richard Mottershead - June 2021

Jun, 2 2021

Sometimes intrusive thoughts can cloud our vision. The mental health condition schizophrenia often means words can block our clarity of perspective and increase the paranoid symptoms.

This month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ – Dr. Richard Mottershead doesn’t have the debilitating condition but he does have a series of letters after his name which would confuse a schizophrenic yet they represent his accomplished expertise in the field of mental health. (PhD, MSc, BN (Hons), RNMH, BSc (Hons), PGCPD, RNT, FRSPH, RSA, FHEA). Let us learn more about this doctor.

Richard has been consistent in his approach to his work. His past posts saw him as Associate Dean and senior lectureships within a number of Universities in the UK Higher Education sector whilst engaging in health and educational development programmes in Eastern Europe, Central and East Africa as well as the Middle East.

This area of research has focused on:-

  • Mental health
  • Veteran affairs
  • Health inequalities.

With reference to the second area of research, Richard has served in the Armed Forces and has supported veterans with transitional challenges and Post-traumatic stress disorder through the use of psychological therapies.

Richard has been pro-active when it comes to positive change within the mental health sector. This has led to membership with Parliamentary groups in Westminster and the Welsh Government with a focus to create real-world solutions.

These initiatives include:-

  • The support of the development of national health services
  • Leading national task-groups
  • Empowering service user and healthcare staff to enable change

 The latter point saw him as a Nurse Consultant based within the NHS during the on-going pandemic.

He has worked clinically in a range of mental health settings within the UK and abroad.

To discover more about Richard and to view his profile, simply visit his Linkedin page at the following website link:-

In 2021, Richard is currently an Assistant  Professor of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing – Deputy Director of International Relations and Research at Ras Al Khaimah Medical and Health Sciences University in the United Arab Emirates.

As we have all been affected by the pandemic our mental health needs some looking after. We are delighted to have you on board within the CCG and we look forward to finding ways to be resilient with our mental health from your expert knowledge.

^ Alex Ashworth CCG UK Blogger