Preston Swing - UCLAN - 7.30pm -9.15pm - 05/03/20

Preston Swing - UCLAN - 7.30pm -9.15pm - 05/03/20

Mar, 3 2020

~Am sure that when young people congregated together to go dancing in the 1930’s the concept of ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ hadn’t crossed their minds for the dancing vision of the future.

Back then they were more concerned about making sure they got the steps right to the Lindy Hop. The dance  was born in the ballrooms of Harlem and quick became a impressive technique to share with your dance partner or as a part of a solo sequence.

Preston Swing is encouraging everyone to have a go at this fun and enjoyable dance. The next session takes place this Thursday 5th March 7.30pm - 9.15pm at UCLAN’s Media Factory Room 226 or 035. The event is free to attend and no booking is required.

The session will be taught by Nicola Kitchen. Nicola has been learning Lindy Hop for the past nine years after studying other forms of dance and trained with Ryan Francois, one of the premier Lindy Hoppers in the world.

Good technique and individuality are encouraged in the  lessons. Please note :-No partner or previous dance experience needed. Wear flat shoes and bring along a drink.

So instead of learning a set routine you are taught how the dance works and you and your partner create something original as the music moves you. Its versatility means it appeals to both artistic and scientific types:-

  • Preston Swing
  • Thursday  5th  March, 19:30 – 21:15
  • University of Central Lancashire, Room 226 or 035, Media Factory, Preston Campus

^Alex Ashworth CCGUK Blogger