Creative Communities Group

The CCG focuses on visual and performing arts, great stories and narratives to inspire others to ‘make a difference’ through lifelong learning. Members raise awareness of important issues and inspire others to get involved in the common good. The CCG’s aims can be reduced to micro levels such as a campaign to clean up your local street; medium levels such as Preston Soup and macro levels such as educating people on the importance of participation and active citizenship.



  • I’m proud to be a member of this great organisation. The creative community group is a model of best practice for active citizenship and lifelong learning on a global level. They believe in the power of partnerships and how working together can transform communities.

    - Stephen Lowe

  • ‘We believe that there is real positive energy focused on the promotion of community wellbeing that can be released by bringing together a mixture of NHS (National Health Service), voluntary and community organisations (such as the CCG) in a joyful and informal celebration of healthy living. We look forward to many more years of developing partnership working.’

    - Professor Romesh Gupta OBE

  • Social Work is very privileged to benefit so positively from those with lived experience (collaborating with the CCG) and carers, so I would like to wish the Creative Communities Group every success in the future.

    - Lyn Romeo

  • “I was incredibly impressed by the organisation that had gone into the CCG co-organised event. It was good to see such a wide range of collaborators and participants coming together to present what was, for me, a unique way of bringing healthier living to the community. Between all of you, you have created something very special.”

    - Sir Peter Dixon