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Member Dr Albert Van der Waag
Dr Albert Van der Waag
Dr. Albert van der Waag received his MD and specialized in family medicine in 1975 from Erasmus Univ...
Member Dr Dawne Gurbutt
Dr Dawne Gurbutt
Lancashire United Kingdom
Dr Dawne Gurbutt is Acting Director, Centre for Excellence In Learning and Teaching at the Universit...
Member Dr Ebrahim Adia
Dr Ebrahim Adia
Lancashire United Kingdom
I am Pro-Vice Chancellor at UCLan Burnley.  I serve as a member of the UCLan Board whic...
Member Dr John Lonsdale
Dr John Lonsdale
Lancashire United Kingdom
Dr John Lonsdale is Director of Innovation and Enterprise at the University of Central Lancashire an...
Member Dr Lynne H. De Weaver
Dr Lynne H. De Weaver
I am passionate about building social capital and promoting economic development in communities in r...
Member Dr Martin Myers MBE
Dr Martin Myers MBE
Lancashire United Kingdom
Dr Myers is a Consultant Clinical Biochemist, and Laboratory Director of Clinical Biochemistry, at L...
Member Dr Roxanne Khan
Dr Roxanne Khan
Lancashire United Kingdom
Dr Roxanne Khan is Director of HARM (Honour Abuse Research Matrix), in partnership with the Criminal...
Member Miss Amy Kaherl
Miss Amy Kaherl
United States
Amy Kaherl is the co-founder of Detroit SOUP and now the Chief Curator and Builder of Global SOUP. I...
Member Miss Louise Smith
Miss Louise Smith
Lancashire United Kingdom
Louise grew up in Preston and after graduating from a degree in Ceramics, Metal and Print returned t...
Member Miss Marta Ruly
Miss Marta Ruly
Marta Ruly is a Film Production student  at the University of Central Lancashire. Her fields of...
Member Miss Sabba Shah
Miss Sabba Shah
Lancashire United Kingdom
Sabba Shah is a Law student at the University of Central Lancashire with an interest in advocac...
Member Miss Samera Afza
Miss Samera Afza
Lancashire United Kingdom
During, my 4 years at the BBC I have developed on my journalism, digital, social media and editorial...
Member Mr Andrew Greenwood
Mr Andrew Greenwood
Lancashire Netherlands
I thrive on educating, motivating and inspiring people to understand the value and the relationship ...
Member Mr Andrew Neale
Mr Andrew Neale
Lancashire United Kingdom
Preston born & bred, I've lived and volunteered in various parts of the UK & the&nb...
Member Mr Bill McCoid
Mr Bill McCoid
Lancashire United Kingdom
Bill has written for The Stage & Television Today, Manchester Evening News, Melody Maker, Outloo...
Member Mr Brian Rollo
Mr Brian Rollo
Lancashire United Kingdom
Councillor Brian Rollo worked in aerodynamic research for 40 years, working on the Anglo-French Jagu...
Member Mr Charles Hadcock
Mr Charles Hadcock
Lancashire United Kingdom
Charles Hadcock is a contemporary sculptor. Born in Derby in 1965 into a family of design engineers....
Member Mr David Carthy
Mr David Carthy
Lancashire United Kingdom
After working for over twenty five years as a medical research scientist in London and The Universit...
Member Mr Derek Hallam
Mr Derek Hallam
Lancashire United Kingdom
Derek is the Vice Present of Global sales at Viddyoze Ltd. Supporting over 100,000 customers from on...
Member Mr Ian Smith
Mr Ian Smith
Lancashire United Kingdom
Job: Freelance photographer Living: South Lancashire Ian Smith was born in Manchester, the sam...
Member Mr James Denny
Mr James Denny
Lancashire United Kingdom
James is the Chief Operating Officer at Viddyoze Ltd and has overall responsibility for the day to d...
Member Mr James Wilson
Mr James Wilson
Hampshire United Kingdom
James Wilson is a highly experienced Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) and an award winning Princ...
Member Mr John Beer
Mr John Beer
Lancashire United Kingdom
Entrepreneur and Businessman After ignoring the pressures to continue formal education John start...
Member Mr John Gillmore
Mr John Gillmore
Lancashire United Kingdom
Presenter and Broadcaster John Gillmore AKA Gilly. Gilly wanted to work in radio since the age of...
Member Mr John Richards OBE DL
Mr John Richards OBE DL
Lancashire United Kingdom
Entrepreneur Businessman and Publisher John Richards has had a full life and here is a very short...
Member Mr Keith Burnley
Mr Keith Burnley
Lancashire United Kingdom
Keith is a higher education consultant and has worked at the interface between higher education and ...
Member Mr Matthew Brown
Mr Matthew Brown
Lancashire United Kingdom
Leader of Preston City Council The architect of  ‘The Preston Model’ and pr...
Member Mr Michael Flanagan
Mr Michael Flanagan
Lancashire United Kingdom
Michael Flanagan is a Politics & Philosophy student at the University of Central Lancashire with...
Member Mr Ralph Atia
Mr Ralph Atia
Lancashire United Kingdom
Ralph is a biomedical science student at the university of central Lancashire. He is a very active C...
Member Mr Seamus Mannion
Mr Seamus Mannion
Greater Manchester United Kingdom
Seamus Mannion is Director and Founder of Dynamic Education Solutions LTD  and SENDCode and was...

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