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Event Date(s): Fri 10/03/2017 - Fri 10/03/2017 (Ends in -500 days)

Location: UCLAN Preston

~We’re fully aware of general and local elections here in the UK. They generally take place in May time and several parties battle it out till the eventual party has  won and  become the overall winner. How does a University led election take place and who is it governed by?

This March SU Elections are being held at UCLAN  in Preston and the outcome of the decision becomes evident on July 1st when those elected take up their designated roles. Elections are also held for Students' Council members and School Presidents.  NUS Conference delegates are elected in October/November every year.

The position for this months election would be the full time Student Affairs Committee (SAC). Here is a full comprehensive list of roles to be taken and shoes to be filled :-

President, Education Officer, Campaigns Officer, Activities and Participation Officer and Media Officer alongside all the Students' Council roles, including School Presidents.

These elections are conducted with a separate set of rules and the full details can be found in the Candidate's Brochure.

Course Reps  need to be  voted for. This would be scheduled for the new academic year 2017/18. Sufficient training and support would be provided so it doesn’t interfere with your course studies. Leadership, initiative, confidence and communication skills are essential for this role.

Clubs and Societies are also looking for new committee roles for the latter part of the year. A training academy will be setup in April to enable groups to have the required support to effectively hold events at Freshers.

Nominations are now closed and the voting takes place from now until Friday 10th March at 3pm. The results/awards ceremony will take place that same day at 6pm.

Remember, from the Board of Trustees setting the budget to the Sports Development Committee allocating the money, decisions are made by students elected by you.

Support your fellow students and colleagues by attending this Friday’s awards ceremony. 10/3/17

^ Alex Ashworth