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Media Innovation Studio
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United Kingdom

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The Media Innovation Studio is a focus for innovation research within the School and works across all of the various research groupings. Its core members interact with and participate within other groups (and vice versa) – and with other research teams across the university and internationally. It has leading edge expertise in a number of key areas. It has an impressive track record in securing research funding from RCUK. It disseminates its research across a broad range of formats, from high quality traditional academic publishers, to 'grey' literature commissioned by peer reviewed RCUK research bodies, to reports for industry which contribute to an impressive range of ‘real world’ impact. Staff working with it or within it currently are engaged in ground breaking media technology projects involving, for example, motion capture, drones and ways of breathing new life into paper delivered news via the injection of miniaturised electronic circuitry. Other ventures range from investigations of global media in exile to the building of cross platform projects for the BBC. The studio’s core staff are active locally, nationally and internationally in projecting its research – its members regularly deliver high profile invited international talks and lead external workshops that spin off from its latest work. The studio is led by Paul Egglestone, a former independent TV producer working for the BBC, ITV and Sky on regional and network programming



 Media Innovation Studio