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Lynne Barnett
Location :

United Kingdom

Bio :

M.A. Psychological Therapies.

Lynne recently returned from Cambodia, where she had been living for 5 years. Her independent consultant volunteer role in this resilient post-Holocaust nation, lasted for over 14 years. Whilst in Cambodia she became the founder and director of the first Cambodian higher education training program in professional counselling. Human resources were, and still are, few in the nation. Mental health services in this developing country are heavily reliant on non-government ‘charitable’ organisations. She was motivated by her belief that it was crucial to develop a program that would be sustainable and could become Khmer led.

In July 2019, the fruits of much relentless hard work paid off; thirteen students graduated after successfully completing the two-year program and were presented with a university diploma.

Lynne was instrumental in developing a Cambodian professional association for counsellors & psychologists, which will enhance the standards of service and unite the relatively small number of professionals in this field.

Her professional background includes being a registered general nurse, registered midwife, national & international trainer and counselling psychotherapist.

Lynne currently works part-time as a senior lecturer at a university.

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Lynne Barnett