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Laurie Morgen
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United Kingdom

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Bio :

Laurie describes herself as different by default. In her talks, she invites each person to travel with her for a while.

She has spoken at events across the country at venues ranging in size from Birmingham NEC, Manchester Event City, London ExCel and the Kia Oval down to smaller office spaces above shops. Clients have included Borough Councils, foster care agencies, CCGs and various health authorities.

Laurie says: “Life is like a train journey and we are the train. People come on board, travel with us for a while and then depart. Some travel with us for a long time and for others, the journey is short but each one leaves an impression that changes our lives in some way.  Some times that impression is small and at other times, it leaves an indelible footprint on our souls.”

 What others have said about Laurie’s talks:

 “Thank you so much for sharing your experience and story in such an amazing and inspiring way.”

“Informative, entertaining and funny, delivered with energy and warmth. It’s been a really positive experience.”

“Thanks for an amazing and inspirational talk – you have taught a group of psychiatrists a lot!”

What her children say: “Not funny, mum.”

In a former life, Laurie was a drummer and sax player in a 1970s tribute air band that played at virtual festivals and venues across the globe in the school geography class.


Keynote speaker; autism trainer and workshop facilitator.

Website: www.lauriemorgen.co.uk

Laurie Morgen