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James Wilson
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United Kingdom

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James Wilson is a highly experienced Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) and an award winning Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of Southampton. James has pioneered the blending of an interactive theatre approach to assist students gain a deeper understanding around the complexities of delivering care to vulnerable people. Interactive theatre is an umbrella term adopted to describe a range of techniques designed specifically to facilitate audience interaction with a live theatre-based presentation.

In recognition of these achievements, in 2017 the Higher Education Academy awarded him with the prestigious National Teaching Fellowship award for his innovative contributions to teaching about mental health via his advances in interactive theatre. He draws upon his wide and varied experiences to write, direct, present, facilitate and (sometimes) perform in the interactive theatre experiences. https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/person/james-wilson

As an example of a designed and delivered innovative production - ‘Falling down the rabbit hole’ explored a service users narrative and explored the consequences of flawed clinical decisions by professionals and how this led inadvertently to an admission to hospital under a section of the mental health act.

An Article in Nurse Education Today explains the origins of the work: Turning a crisis into an interactive drama: An introductory paper of a ‘clickers theatre’ in nurse education

An audience member quoted:

“Not having much experience with mental health professionals it was a good insight of how they work with the importance of stopping and listening to your patient rather than just seeing them as part of a conveyor belt.”

In 2016, James was also a nominated finalist in the Times Higher Education awards in the individual category as the ‘Most innovative teacher of the year’.In his younger years James played football at a high level with Raith Rovers F.C and achieved every boyhood dream of playing internationally for Scotland.

James Wilson