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 CCG - Creative Communities Group
Eckersall Rose Art Consultancy
Location :

Greater London
United Kingdom

Bio :

Amy and Danny are a brother and sister team that together makes Eckersall Rose Art Consultancy.


Eckersall Rose is an Art consultancy, which specializes in promoting wellbeing through art, matching artwork to the particular emotions you’re looking to experience.


Amy has always had a passion and talent for recognizing and creating art that promotes positive emotions. Her background in PR, experience with working for high profile music artists such as the Rolling Stones for four years, enthusiastic and friendly approach to life and work gives her a fantastic pool of experience to draw from when matching Artists work to a clients philosophy.


Danny has almost a decade of experience in Senior Management and new business development. Originally in telecoms, covering the North of England and more recently building a client bank in the UAE in the finance industry. Danny’s experience in matching ‘product’ to ‘solution’, dealing with clients directly, daily, helps us kindly uncover how best we can become of service.

Eckersall Rose Art Consultancy