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Ann Vanner
Location :

United Kingdom

Bio :

I am a qualified Architect and Architectural Technologist and have worked at UCLan since 2009 and am currently the Degree Appreciate Lead for the School of Art, Design and Fashion.

Prior to that, I was the course lead for the BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology Programme. The course was described by the then external examiner as ‘the best in the county’ and students from the programme have won awards both national and regional, most recently Darren Nelson won the CAIT AT Awards for Report 2018, for his dissertation on ‘In situ reinforcement of timber of beams in a conservation setting’.

Practical creativity is my starting point and approach. This fosters the idea of learning through doing and inspirational pragmatism.

My research interests lie in social enterprise/cooperatives and how these might provide alternative approaches to design, procurement, construction and use of building, and how materials used in the built environment can have an impact on occupant’s wellbeing particular with regarding to acoustics and sound pollution.

Before lecturing I worked as an Architect/Architectural Technologist, and have a huge range of practice experience at all stages of the design and construction phase, both in the UK and abroad and has worked on a huge variety of project ranging from small domestic extensions in the Lake District to the redevelopment of a 42 hectare former steelwork site in former East German city of Riesa.

Ann Vanner