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 CCG - Creative Communities Group
Alex Ashworth
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United Kingdom

Bio :

For the past five years Alex Ashworth has been working voluntarily for an organisation called the Creative Communities Group (CCG ). Within this organisation Alex has contributed to writing minutes for meetings, attending events and keeping the community up to date reporting locally and nationally with his cultural and community based blogs.

The CCG for many is a springboard to help people who may have been out of work for some time due to their own personal circumstances, then, after a period of time, members learn vital skills and confidence which they can then take into a paid environment when they feel ready to take such a step. The CCG has helped Alex in this way and it has also given people like Alex the opportunity also to get involved in cultural and creative activities throughout the city of Preston.

Alex has been with the CCG since it’s inception in April 2012 in time for the September Preston Guild. Alex also supported Russell Hogarth when he chaired the 1 in 4 Mental Health Film Festival and World Mental Health Day in which Alex played a considerable part introducing his film ‘Don’t Label Me’ about his condition, taking Q and A’s from a lively audience, taking minutes for the 1 in 4 meetings and selecting several films for the week that fell in early October to coincide with World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

Alex’s ability to research specified events in the local community and write interesting, informative and cutting edge blogs has garnered him a very credible reputation with the CCG members and the local community. His writing has improved over the five year period he has been with the CCG.

His specialist subject is, music and films and this becomes apparent when he writes blogs in these areas. The knowledge, appreciation and experience comes to the surface which enables him to tap into his creative mind.

Alex can write for all ages but he primarily targets young people and adults. In addition to blogging on the CCG website he has also posted UCLAN student blogs.

Alex’s past educational and voluntary background includes a 12 week personal development programme in 2001 called The Princes Trust in which he learnt key skills such as confidence, leadership and team building.

In 2004 he embarked on a performing arts course at Preston College in which he came out with distinctions across the board.

Two years later he studied at Blackburn College on a foundation course in media. Upon completion he passed and was further awarded The Most Outstanding Student in 2007.

In 2008 and for the following four years Alex developed his media skills by participating in a community radio station called Preston FM. This was a voluntary role but Alex learnt some key skills in this area such as researching, preparing and presenting his shows. All this experience complement his current role with the CCG.

Since last October ( 2016 ) Alex has contributed to a music session at a disability group in Preston. This is a weekly session and it has helped both him and the people who attend engage in music in an uplifting and positive way. Alex has been nominated for Community Volunteer of the Year for his work in this field and his contribution to the Creative Communities Group.

Alex Ashworth