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~Other noteworthy people included Dame Heather Tierney Moore (MBE) and Sir Peter Dixon, Chairman of Diabetes UK. As Lynne mentioned earlier, Peter officially opened the event and speaks of the great work gone into preparing and presenting the mela for the public interest. He has fond memories of the day and has felt inspired by the health and well being facilitators that represented their field of work,

 “I was incredibly impressed by the Health Mela and the organisation that had gone into it. It was good to see such a wide range of collaborators and participants coming together to present what was, for me, a unique way of bringing healthier living to the community. I could very easily have spent much more time talking to the very enthusiastic participants and visitors. Between all of you, you have created something very special.”

This special day could not have been realised without the dynamic influence of the following people :-

*University staff

* Students

*Honorary fellows

*Community members.

Organisers to the event deserve special recognition. This applies to mature student and UCLAN Creative Communities Group co-ordinator Nigel Farnworth. We value his excellent hard work, time, commitment, support and in particular organisation. It’s people like Nigel that can help get Health Mela’s off the ground. So the very best and thank you to him.

Closing comments now come courtesy of the chairmen of the NFHW, Professor Romesh Gupta OBE,

“Finally but not least, we are also grateful to the support we have received from UCLan. They not only provided the excellent venue and flawless logistical support essential to the success of a venture on this scale but committed the enthusiastic support of their health faculty students and volunteers to ensure the success of the event.”

Thank you to everyone involved. Here’s to Preston Health Mela 2017.